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My iOS What can I do? While companies break backwards compatibility with old software all the time, it is not usually with software that was current just a few weeks ago.

Moreover, the fact that users face data loss just because they haven't upgraded to a bug-filled iOS 13 or what still remains the current version of macOS, is absurd. If Reminders was going to cause this much trouble, Apple should not have launched its updated form until macOS Catalina was available at the very least.

So be warned. If you use Apple Reminders across your devices for important notes in your personal and business life, they are currently at risk.

Setting a recurring reminder

Follow Gordon on Twitter and Facebook. Apple iOS In other words, you won't be getting any iCloud reminders about your upcoming events or things that you need to do in the iCloud for Windows app until Apple rolls out its future MacOS update.

Unfortunately, there's no patch update that'll fix this issue, but Apple recommends making sure to open the Reminders app once you've upgraded it to iOS 13 to prevent yourself from losing new reminders you set up with Siri or via the iCloud. When it comes to reminders that you created on iOS 12 or an earlier operating system, you're out of luck as they will only be visible "on other devices running earlier software.

This is just the latest bump in the road for iOS 13 users, and unfortunately, you're out of luck for now if you already lost data during the upgrade.

Set Daily Reminder | Journey

Click OK to save it. On your iPad, open Things. Tap to create a new to-do.

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Tap Save. On your iPhone, open Things.

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Mac On your Mac, open Things. In the sidebar, click one of your Projects. Set the pattern: projects can repeat according to a fixed schedule or after the previous to-do has been completed. In the sidebar, tap one of your Projects. In the main view, tap one of your Projects. Set Repeat to weekly. Click OK.

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