Mac word crashes when printing

Word JobAccounting2 printing error
  1. Mac Word crashes when I try to print
  2. Chrome 12.0.742.100 crashes when I try to print. Mac OS X 10.6.7
  3. Mac Word crashes when I try to print - Microsoft Community
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Mac Word crashes when I try to print

Now the OS downloads additional software and ready to print. For the already installed printers the driver won't be updated when installing the updated driver. And then adding those printers again. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. How to fix Samsung printer JobAccounting2 module printing crashes?

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  7. Make sure your printer isn't paused.

Ask Question. Then the issues start occurring, before even creating a print preview the applications crashes. JobAccounting2 PlugIn Version: 2. Have installed OS updates, still printing crashes.

Chrome 12.0.742.100 crashes when I try to print. Mac OS X 10.6.7

We installed the most recent This driver installation doesn't seem to update the Apple installed Samsung driver: driver version for the already installed printer doesn't change. How to fix these JobAccounting2 module print crashes?

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Pro Backup. Pro Backup Pro Backup 2, 5 5 gold badges 29 29 silver badges 53 53 bronze badges. You are not logged in. Topic Options. I would suggest you update both of your MBPs to There are also security reasons to be running Your oldest MBP should run reliably with the current Sierra. FWIW, I've believed that after 7 years in use, an older Mac gets behind the hardware curve and, it's best to forego, at some point, upgrading the OS.

If a newer OS has attractive features, then, it's time to upgrade to a new Mac. I also see your using iPhoto, when current macOS uses Photos. Others in the forum, might advise whether iPhoto might have issues when printing.

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  • I don't know. Originally Posted By: Rain In todays world those are not slightly older they are dodderingly old and grey antiques. TextEdit and Preview on the other hand are part of MacOS and are by that measure only a few months old. I have the version of MoneyDance, an application I have used and loved for over 15 years, and it hard hangs every time I attempt to print in MacOS Now that I suspect the failure is related to a change in the print API Application Program Interface and that could be what is happening to you.

    Since Photos is also part of MacOS you should have an up to date copy on your system.

    Mac Word crashes when I try to print - Microsoft Community

    Open it and import your iPhoto Library, Photos should offer to do that automatically. Then you can try printing from there. If that works, it would at least suggest antique applications might also be a least a part of the problem with Word and Elements If that turns out to be the problem you have two choices… Downgrade to an earlier version of MacOS — not easy to do and you would be giving up a measure of security Replacing Word and Elements 10 either with their current versions or other applications.

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