Java se 6 deinstallieren mac

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  1. Removing the Java JDK (Which May Not Be Installed)
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  3. How to properly uninstall Java 6 on OSX?
  4. How do I uninstall Java on my Mac?

Page content loaded. I installed the Java 8 Runtime Environment which overwrote Java 6 obviating any necessity to remove it. I did have an application that for some reason refused to recognize the Java 8 so I installed the Java 8 SE Java Development Kit from Oracle and that took care of that problem.

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Jul 26, 2: That is incorrect. Java 6 and 8 can and do exist at the same time.

Mac Java deinstallieren und löschen

Java 6 is not. So it's not even possible for Java 8 to overwrite 6. Jul 27, 2: I'm just about to switch to using a new macbook, arriving today. If I use migration assistant to set up my macbook, do you know if it will transfer the Java 6 over? If not, then once I have transferred to it, I can do a reinstall on my old machine, which my wife is going to use. How can I tell if Java 6 is on my machine? Where, in the folder structure, would I find a file that would tell me?

Jul 27, 6: I've never used Migration Assistant, so can't say if it would carry Java 6 over, but probably so.

In the root Library folder not the one with the System folder or your user account , if you can navigate to:. Then Java 6 is installed.

Removing the Java JDK (Which May Not Be Installed)

The 6 means version 6, and the 65 is the release number version 65 of Java 6. It's unknown why Oracle puts the preceding 1 or trailing 0 in the version numbers for Java.

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Thanks, again. That folder is certainly there at present, so I'll check after migrating. If it has been transferred, I might have to do a clean install on the new macbook and manually migrate.

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It doesn't hurt anything to leave Java 6 installed, if that's your concern. Mavericks and Yosemite will not allow its own Java 6, or Oracle's Java 7 to connect to any web browser. The web is where the real dangers of Java are. On your Mac, it's only as dangerous as any other unknown third party app you install may be.

Oracle installs them next to each other in this directory: I just want to comment that if you install java 6 from Apple's Java installer i.

How to properly uninstall Java 6 on OSX?

I had the same question until today. BMourelo BMourelo 1 4. Jon 4, 31 76 Regarding the answer above that says: Linking to the newer version seems to work. There is a JVMVersion key in there. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook. And then a little dialog box will pop up with the OK button highlighted, indicating that everything is going to be OK now.

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How do I uninstall Java on my Mac?

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