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The playable cast includes:
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A: There's no release date for now, but the first version beta will be announced soon. Q: What will include that beta? Q: How many characters will have the complete game? A: We plan to continue releasing characters for a long time so there is no determined number of characters. A: We have a list of characters that we want to make for CSW, so for now we don't accept requests. Maybe when we have done all those characters we will accept requests from people, but we haven't decided yet. Q: Will it include characters from comics, manga or movies?

A: There will be a few manga-anime characters we wanted to put so badly that we had to. But it will mainly be videogame characters. Q: I saw the trailers and I noticed the backgrounds are from other games. We want to create stages specifically for the game, but our top priority are the characters. Q: The characters are too small! A: We are using the Card Gallery s t y le.

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A: No. That would be almost impossible since there are tons of characters in the Card Gallery. Q: How are the special movements done? Is it like Street Fighter?

A: Special moves are done by pressing a direction and the Special Attack button, like the "Smash Bros" or "Tales of" series. Then there are the Combos which are done by pressing a combination of buttons a la Street Fighter or other fighting games. A: No, but we didn't discard that possibility yet.

You haven't given one single glance at what the PC offers in those categories, if you had, you would never have made your comments. On another note, since I'm not reading this whole thread, about how long was it before the TC gave up because of how many times he was proven wrong?

High-end gaming: pushing the limits

Unlike other companies valve doesn't steal ideas. If they see a promising mod or game they hire the developers to make a game, which is what they did with TF. So I repeat they have Half life and Portal It has plenty of supported genres, so listing 3 doesn't really help your argument. Don't really understand that statement. You haven't enjoyed all the PC exclusives in the last 6 or so years so now its "lame"? Which only serves a miniscule market in the PC gaming industry compared to the Consoles, aside from the freeware and doujin games just about all of which are only available in Japanese anyway.

Blazeblue is like being released at least a year later than the console counterparts Calamity Trigger for the PC, if it's really coming out, would be released at the same time the sequel, Continuum Shift, comes out for the Consoles. PC fighting line-up is like console strategy or adventure selections, however while all those three are pretty weak, they do exist and it's unfair to say they don't.

I do not know about that but my 2 year old PC cannot run many new games well. It runs them at low with lag and it shouldn't happen when I bough my PC in People in this topic are saying my GPU is a one and very obsolete just going to show you need the top GPU to keep with the latest of what consoles do.

You had a low end card even when you bought the PC. Just because you have no idea how to understand PC hardware, doesnt mean the case is the same for everyone else. Since when do consoles have more varied games than the PC? Do you know that the GTX that is older than the ps3!!! My PC is 2 yewars old and still runs games at x on highest settings. How much did you spend and what are your specs? Was it store-bought?

New Card Sagas Wars Videos by AbyssWolf on DeviantArt

And if, after paying the money, I still find myself having a less enjoyable experience? You people don't take kindly to my Mac-using kind. Totally agreed. There are definitely a lot of genres that are nearly absent from the PC, but that works both ways. After all this time it now makes sense. I wont question you anymore, I dont need to. So either you're just making things up or you just had absolutely no clue what video card to buy and you got a really crappy one. Please Log In to post. This topic is locked from further discussion.

GameSpot Forums System Wars results IGN summarizes the feeling perfectly:. The first Total War Saga game tries a lot of new things, succeeding at about half of them. It improves on a few areas historical Total War games have struggled with, but at the same time falls back into some bad, old habits that other games in the series were able to rise above. The overall tapestry reads as more than competent, and I could watch hardened huskarls with their massive axes crash into a Saxon shield wall all day.

We chose to test the game using the same settings Medium on every machine for the sake of making fair comparisons. As always, if your machine does not meet these requirements, it would be safer to skip this one… The Results This is how each and every one of our machines runs the game:. As can be expected from a high-end iMac with a beefy graphics card, Thrones of Britannia runs great on Medium settings. Running at a Smooth We decided to test several graphics levels and resolutions to find the sweet spot between performance and looks.

  • This game provides examples of:.
  • Card Sagas Wars, a canceled Crossover Fighting Fangame, has released its prototype version. : Games?
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  • All acceptable, but less than 30 FPS on Extreme settings is probably not worth it. But what if we increase the resolution instead? Testing the game on Medium settings, we get:. What settings and resolution to chose will be a matter of personal preferences.


    That said… If you have the choice between increasing the quality settings or the resolution, opt for higher resolutions. Our inch MacBook Pro is officially supported but just barely. And sometimes, when a demanding game is properly optimized, even a inch MacBook Pro can run it. Turns out, Thrones of Britannia was beautifully optimized. Our MacBook Pro runs this game at a Borderline Nothing to impress your friends with, but more than enough to enjoy yourself.

    And if you prefer more fluid gameplay in exchange of bells and whistles, the game runs at On Medium settings, it ran this game at Unplayable On Low settings, it did a little better, at Borderline The correlation between in-game performance and a standard benchmark is far from perfect, but it can still be a good comparison point.

    Feral always does a great job, sure, but they outdid themselves with Thrones of Britannia. This is one smooth and well-optimized port and the fact it was released barely a few weeks after the Windows version makes it even more impressive. Your email address will not be published.

    Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This free tool uses the data from every game we've ever tested to show you what games your Mac can run. On this review:. The game includes all the key elements you would expect and even introduces a couple of new features.

    Buy Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia

    IGN summarizes the feeling perfectly: The first Total War Saga game tries a lot of new things, succeeding at about half of them. The test. As always, we tested the game on several machines to see what it takes to run it on MacOS:.