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  1. 🔥 KeyKey Typing Tutor for Mac — type faster just after a few lessons
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The app displays your stats right on the bottom for viewing when you finish an exercise.

🔥 KeyKey Typing Tutor for Mac — type faster just after a few lessons

Review your strokes per minute, typing speed, error ratio, and total time for the exercise. You can also take a look at the lessons offered for the calculator and Dvorak keyboards. As great as it is to type quickly, accuracy is really more important. And the ZenTypist app concentrates on your accuracy. You score only for how well you do.

So if you make a mistake, hit your Delete key and fix it. As you type the paragraphs you see, the letters turn from gray to black. Your errors are marked in red. Once you complete the paragraph with no mistakes remaining, you can move onto the next paragraph. This is helpful for mirroring a real-world typing scenario. Read More. The screen is colorful, with animated fingers on a keyboard for your child to follow.

The app rewards your little one for accuracy and speed as correct keystrokes help the animals along their way. With each lesson, you start as a slower animal, like a snail. The app has four free lessons so your child can try it out. You can then buy more with an in-app purchase. Download: Animal Typing Lite Free, premium version available. Typing Fingers LT is another great typing teacher for kids, but works for adults just the same. You start the first four lessons learning the letter positions on the keyboard.

KAZ short for Keyboarding A-Z does not rely on a variety of tricks, bells and whistles to make their product look attractive. It utilizes the scientifically proven Accelerated Learning method whereas results are further enhanced by using the outcomes of the latest brain research. The adult version does not employ junior phrases and imagery while the junior edition does not contain adult phrases.

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The Family version offers you both options and additionally 5 separate user accounts. The EDU edition allows teachers to use it as a teaching tool in classrooms whereas the Business edition caters for license holders that have multiple users. There is also an addition of KAZ Typing that caters for people with learning disabilities, especially dyslexia. Accessibility — KAZ typing software can be used on any device or computer. There are several licenses to match individual learning preferences, e. The online license annual allows you to access KAZ via any standard browser and from any device.

The Family edition desktop, online offers up to 5 user accounts. KAZ supports both the US and UK versions of English, including the differences in spelling, keyboard layout and pronunciation of words. It offers you an efficient method to learn how to touch type within a short period of time. In this respect, it is extremely effective and it is no wonder that KAZ enjoys a prestigious client list and high satisfaction rates.

It has been nominated for the Bett Awards and is, without doubt, one of the best typing software available.

Typing Instructor Platinum visit website is developed by Individual Software and ideal for working professionals and students alike. Not only can users now learn in Spanish as well as English, but Platinum aims to alleviate the issue of tired eyes on computer screens by taking you through a journey of learning, with new backgrounds and themes based on progression. There are well over 20 different typing plans for users to work through, from learning the very basics of efficient typing to intricate stroke development, teaching you how to tackle the most complex words and sentences.

It is not all work either, with numerous, thought-provoking games on offer to test and even stretch your knowledge.

One of the issues with Typing Instructor Platinum is that it is not exactly the sleekest product on the market. Everything from dialogue boxes to hints and menus is all somewhat Windows 98 in appearance. Although not of the utmost importance, this may be a point to consider if you favor a sleek interface. Verdict: Even with a somewhat aged user face, the additional usability and customization of Typing Instructor Platinum should not go unnoticed. If you want a detailed, customizable and time-saving product, then this best typing software might be suitable for you and your family.

This tutor is available for MAC and Windows. Mavis Beacon is powered by UltraKey technology and has teamed up with Broderbund to deliver a detailed package which, depending upon the software type bought, is tailored for everyone from working individuals to children as young as eight. How Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing works is slightly different from other products in this field; you set targets before you start the learning process and you work your way towards them.

As a user you can add your own content, allowing you to learn and cover your daily reading in one go. You may also control how quickly you learn.

12 Best Tools to Learn Touch Typing Like a Pro

If you want a gradual process or immediate results, Mavis Beacon is one of the best typing software here to cater to your needs. Unlike other software available, Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing comes in three distinct formats, these being Personal, Family and Kids edition. Each one has unique drills, teaching techniques and advice available to ensure you get the most from the product. Review: The three different editions of Mavis Beacon do all have to be purchased separately and licenses are not transferable, so if you are purchasing for the family a different typing software may be in order.

However, for individuals the service certainly caters well to your needs and is adaptable and informative at the same time if you choose to sync your reading to it. The way Typing Instructor Web differs from other typing software is that it primarily educates you by offering multilevel games based on Disney characters. Games have goals and numerous objectives, giving a real sense of progression whilst typing. This being said, alongside the games is a more traditional learning course for any interested parents.

Verdict: Obviously, if you do not have an internet connection then it really is not for you and the level of detail seems also to be lacking in the more traditional activities.

How Does KeyKey Typing Tutor Work?

However, if you are really looking to get your children or indeed yourselves into better typing practice via a more colorful and laid-back approach, then Typing Instructor Web might be the best typing software tool to do so. Ultrakey has been slowly refined into a streamlined and cohesive product by Bytes of Learning to ensure that this is, on paper at least, one of the most powerful and best typing software on the market. The more technical interface makes it ideal for professionals. Ultrakey is marketed as a highly adaptable product. If you go with the download license all future updates will be free of charge.

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The online versions are cloud-based, hence you always work with the latest iteration. The most recent improvements include photo-realistic presentations aiming to encourage usability and interactivity as well as to grab your attention. There are also new videos and instructional presentations available, leading to a slicker and more detailed experience.

1. Typesy Typing Software

Other features include:. The user interface may, however, put some users off; despite having a streamlined administrator process, the somehow technical approach to activities and skills can be difficult to access for first time users. Editions: Apart from still offering classic download licenses for individuals, schools and businesses, Ultrakey is fully cloud-based and users are recommended to go with the online version to achieve best results. Summary: If you require detailed and sleek typing software that will teach you the no-frills version of skills, the Ultrakey software tutor may be the best option for you.

If you are not the most tech-savvy person out there however, you may wish to consider other options such as KAZ. Select a course, and exercise!! Bug Fix: Version 3.

5 Great Mac Apps For Learning To Type

In Typist Version 3. Some functions are also added for Japanese exercises. Besides, a few errors in the text were corrected. I needed a program to brush up on my typing skills and this app fit the bill perfectly. I did not expect so much out of a free program, but this app really delivers. It is simple and easy to use. Overall this has not been a problem however.

I was determined to become a touch typist and went searching through the App Store to find something that could quickly help me learn how. Most of the apps are geared toward children and rightfully so, but I wanted something that could be used by an adult, was simple, straight-forward and extensive. Fortunately I found Typist. This app takes you from the very beginning and helps you learn all the keys, including the upper row of number keys.