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Portable drives break and die and your photos are moments in time and files you'll never get back if there's ever an issue with your storage.

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  3. The Ins and Outs of Image Metadata;

It's just that if you're serious about maintaining those memories, you should be using multiple storage options. My biggest knock against Google Photos is that desktop web browsers and mobile devices have sub-par printing capabilities. It's not the end of the world to have to download files to a proper computer for printing, but it's annoying.

I liked Picasa because not only were able to edit your photos, but you were also able to make collages, and use the photo of your choice to enhance it. The other was being able to write on the photos and date them or name them. You could also make posters which I also liked. I loved Picasa so much that I stuck with it until now but of course it wasn't doing what it was without the updates. But I still use it for the collages I want to make.

Picasa is the only photo editing tool I ever used and loved it, and right now I haven't found any thing that fits even close. I want to edit my photos the same way picasa allowed you to do with out restrictions, and free. Has anyone found a safe download for Picasa? I had to get a new hard drive and I 't a download but my anti virus software flagged it as suspicious. Loved Picasa - downloaded Phototheca but it is not as intuitive.

Cyberpunk PhotoDirector looks good. It's good for both organising and editing, accepts jpeg and RAW in fact it's very similar to Lightroom. Yes, Agree. Picasa is still available; however, they have moved it to the cloud and rebranded the name. This is simply an attempt to get you to move your data to their storage I think were all better off finding another solution thinking: Photoshop Element facial recognition that allows us to save, work, and store our files locally.

Picasa was simply a bate and switch move by Google. FastStone, all day every day. I does a lot more than you mentioned and the website doesn't do a good job of selling it perhaps because it's free. Clone and heal.

Side by side compare images A very powerful photo app and and all you need if you don't actually need Photoshop imo. Thank you for all of this information. I have a new laptop with Windows 10 and in desperation I downloaded Picasa 3 because the pictures program is pretty useless. I did download Google photos but still use a camera so it isn't working for me to email pictures - it wants me to upload them to cyber space or somewhere, I think I will have to try Microsoft Photos and delete the Google app.

I want to transfer my pictures from my camera to my computer and then mail some to friends. How difficult is that!!!! I am so disappointed that Google decided to stop supporting Picasa as it was the best program for my needs. This is a reply to Judith about Picasa I just googled it and when it opened I downloaded. I think it is Picasa 3 and it had all my folders. I don't know how long it will last but it sure is nice.

The Mac version is more like Elements than Picasa. Pro's: nice tree view of files and folders, it works on RAW files, has a wide range of photo finishing tools such as tint etc, and it is easy to perform basic photo fixes e. It imports from iPhone which Picasa no longer can and seems to work with iPhotos and Photos libraries though I haven't done much with them as I don't like or use them. Con's: Repair function is extremely limited, red eye only, with no re-touch that I could find, no face recognition, doesn't play videos, doesn't do Photoshop layers. And the Help button is useless.

ACDSee doesn't try to organize photos, fine with me but maybe a Con for others. I really dislike how Apple hides files imported by Photos, this is much better, and better than Picasa's weird tree structure. Overall, this is clearly a work in progress, but they have been putting out monthly updates, so expect to see the holes filled soon. The programs reviewed above seem to be very limited, but I don't want to buy Lightroom plus Elements, so ACDSee could be a good intermediate solution for amateurs who want more than what Photos and the like offer. In the past few days Picasa has stopped allowing my scanner to interface and upload photos, so I guess this really is the end of a long and very happy relationship.

Like everyone else I am still searching for a good, simple, alternative. Most I've looked at offer too many, and quite often, extravagant options. All I want is a simple photo-editing system, ideally Freeware, but most don't offer anything as good as Picasa.

The Ins and Outs of Image Metadata

Someone recommended FastStone Image viewer freeware - but it's not free. OK, they only want you to make a donation, which I don't mind as I do this with Firefox, BUT unless you make a donation you can't actually access the programme!! Not's not what I call freeware! It is funny not! And the comments are just coming.

6 steps to move away from Photos on your Mac

I love Picasa, had since before Google bought it. I have not seen any other solutions that are as robust, fast and easy to use: folder view, timeline view, facial recognition, soft albums, soft edits, elegant slideshows with music if preferred, integration with printing shops could send physical pictures to family overseas , etc.

I have a hard time with gphotos as it is difficult to have a good overview, slow even on a fast connection compared to hard drive based anything. Printing is a pain. Downloading is a pain.

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  • Uploading is a pain. I do appreciate the backup feature of my phone pics, but I take pictures with my camera, too. I still have not found a reliable and easy way to get images to my local storage and vica versa.

    Lightroom Alternatives

    The assistant is interesting sometimes but do I really need it? I haven't found anything even close to Picasa.

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    Google did the same thing with sketchup. They buy a company that makes nice software and then bury their products. I don't understand their business model. Why buy the company if you are going to get rid if the product? I love their stuff and most of it is free. I don't think they develop anything themselves though. They seem to buy the work of others. Hi, one feature I liked in Picasa was the option to only import new pictures from the camera, and exclude those already on disk.

    Lightroom Alternatives | UPDATED November

    Every time I had to resort to windows import I ended up with lots of duplicates. Is there any alternate software with this option? Still use Picasa for import from camera, then sync to Google Photo, original size. Big problem that.

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    Also use PhotoMove 2.